Husband Appreciation Night

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some of you have heard stories about "Wife Appreciation Night." Ryan and our friend Matt have orchestrated 4 of these now over the last few years. Each one has been fabulous - filled with creative invitations, great restaurants and great friends, gifts, cards, funny books (Lisa have you read yours yet?:)), on one occasion: matching t-shirts (don't ask - One yellow, Op polo shirt up for grabs. Anyone?) Well, Lisa and I finally got our butt's in gear and planned a "Husband Appreciation Night." It was long over due. I know it probably didn't measure up to the creativeness that our Husbands have had in the past for these occasions, but hopefully they had a good time! We surprised our guys with a ride on the Park City Zip Line, dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse (which was SOOO good!) and then dessert at a quaint little restaurant on Main Street. Park City was beautiful and we all felt like we need to get up there a little more often. It's a great little town.

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