I rode the bus! Yeah, I rode the bus! Uh huh!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Blake had such a blast riding the bus that first week of school. The excitement has kind of worn off now though, because he has to stand outside in the brisk, cool September mornings that we are having now. It still pulls on my heartstrings just a little every day when the bus pulls up. We still give our good-bye hugs and I give a reminder to "listen to your teacher!:)" and then we blow each other one last kiss before the bus pulls away.

His teacher told me, yesterday, that he is a natural leader. She said, when he is doing good and on track, everyone is doing good. When he is talking or not doing what he is suppose to be doing, then everyone else is too." I guess we'll have to work on the negative side of that and encourage the positive part more often.

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  1. He is such a big boy.
    You are going to love that you are recording all of these thoughts and moments. Good for you.


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