Scrap Jar Stars ~ Tutoroial & Giveaway!

Monday, January 16, 2012

 I L♥VE scrappy quilts! 
I love the idea of making something beautiful and original out of seemingly nothing.  I love the idea of making something useful with little or no cost. 
I love that sense of nostalgia I get when I see an old, worn, hand-quilted quilt, that was pieced together with scraps saved over the course of many years.  Scrap quilts are charming to say the least!  That's why I had so much fun making these little cuties a few weeks ago.  I called them my Scrap Jar Stars.

Shortly after posting this photo, my friend Jodi {from Pleasant Home} emailed me and said those stars were just the thing she was looking for to round out her 2012 Sew Scraps Along!  She's a girl after my own ♥ and I love that she's dedicating the whole month to sewing with scraps, including lots of great tutorials and giveaways!  Head on over to Pleasant Home for all the fun details!

Jodi asked me if I'd post a tutorial of my Scrap Jar Stars and maybe give away a few scraps as part of the fun.  I was flattered as could be that she asked and happy to do a giveaway.  Hopefully, one gals scraps will be another quilters treasure!

So here we are.  A little tutorial just for you! 

As part of the Sew Scraps Along, I decided to make up another colorway of my Scrap Jar Stars.  I pulled out my reds, navys, blues and aquas from my scrap jars.  I'm loving these colors against the white.  A happy and fresh combo if you ask me.  Of course, there's a million different possibilities, so pull out some of your favorite scraps and let's get started!

(per block)

(12) 2" bright squares
(12) 2" white squares
(4) 2" x 3-1/2" white rectangles
(4) 4-1/4" white squares*
(4) 4-1/4" bright squares*

* Note: Cut more than 4 for more variety!

I like to make one block first and then when I know what I'm doing I use an assembly line for the rest. So you might like to multiply the cutting requirements (above) by however many blocks you are making. It seems to go quicker that way.


Make Star Points: 
You will need 8 Half-Square Triangle blocks for each star.  Each pair of bright/white 4-1/4" squares will make two HST blocks.  Make extra HST's for more variety in your star points :)

Step 1: On each of your bright colored 4-1/4" squares, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner.  Pair up each bright square with a white square with right sides together (RST).

Step 2: Use a 1/4" seam allowance to sew along both sides of the line.

Step 3: Cut on the line to form two HST's.

Step 4: Press the seams towards the dark side.

Step 5: Use a ruler to trim the HST blocks to 3-1/2" square.  By starting out a little big and trimming down to 3-1/2" square your star points will be more exact.  I like to use my small 6-1/2" square ruler to do this step.  Set the HST's aside. 

Make 16-Patch:
Lay out sixteen 2" squares next to your sewing machine (alternating 8 white with 8 bright).  Use a 1/4" seam allowance to sew the squares together in rows. 

Press seams towards the bright fabrics.  Then, sew the rows together (butting up alternating seams against each other and pinning in place).  Press row seams in one direction.  Set aside.

Assemble Star Blocks:
First, lay out 2 HST blocks on each side of the 16-patch block to make the 8 star points.

Sew each set of HST's together with RST.  Press the seams open.

Sew two of the sets of HST's to opposite sides of the 16-patch.  Press seams towards the 16-patch.

Before sewing the other sets of HST on, you will need to make the corner blocks.  I like to sew them together at this point (instead of earlier) so that I can make sure the bright corner fabric is not the same as the two star points on either side of it.  So lay out the desired 2" bright colored squares in what will be each of the outer corners of the star block.  Then lay out a 2" white square next to it (on the inside) and a 3-1/2" rectangle above or below them (depending on which side of the 16-patch unit you will be sewing it on to).

Make the corner blocks by first sewing a bright 2" square to a white 2" square with RST.  Press seam towards the bright square.  Then sew that unit to a 3-1/2" white rectangle and press seams towards the white rectangle.

Sew a corner block to each side of a set of HST's, making sure to keep the bright square in the outer corner (see photograph below). 

Sew two of these units to the sides of the 16-patch unit to complete the Scrap Jar Star.

This unit should measure 12-1/2" unfinished.

I made four blocks and sashed them with (4) 2" x 12-1/2" white strips and (1) 2" bright colored square in the middle.  I'm still deciding whether to make a table topper or a throw size quilt.  Any thoughts???

So there you go!  I hope you liked this tutorial
(and I hope it all made sense ~ my brain is fried right now :)
They're really fun to make and if you haven't been there already,
go to Pleasant Home to see Jodi's "camping" colorway! 

Speaking of Jodi, ever since she contacted me about her Sew Scraps Along, I have been looking forward to emptying out my scrap jars for a giveaway.  It's a new year and time for a fresh start!  If you'd like to enter to win some of mine, please leave a fun comment below.

Here are the details:

Giveaway will end on Saturday, January 21st at midnight.
Leave one comment below for one entry.
For a second entry, leave another comment telling me that you're a follower.
I will announce a winner on Monday.

Happy Sewing!