Mystery Quilt

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Well, I just finished another one just in time for Christmas.  This one is going to the In-laws.  It was a "Mystery Quilt" that I did in a quilt guild a couple of years ago.  We didn't know what the finished product was going to look like when we started.  I probably won't do another "Mystery Quilt" again because I think if I'm going to spend the money and time on a quilt, I would want more control of the final outcome.  I did change a few things up when we got to the end though.  It was suppose to have beige strips in between each vertical row, but I kind of liked all of the secondary patterns I found when there wasn't any sashing inbetween.  I also added the tiny red borders on both sides of the pieced outer border, as well as the final outside border.  The quilt measures about 84"x56".

I'm glad to have this one checked off the list.  It's another project done that I can count in Jacquie's Joy In The New Year Challenge.   I think I've only gotten 2 out of my 6 projects done so far.  I did just get a new quilt back from the quilter though!  I just need to bind it and then I can post pictures.  My quilter told me she would have my Fig Tree quilt done by the end of the year (I'm crossing my fingers!) and I'm hoping one more of my projects will get done miraculously.  I'm going for 4 out of 6 projects done for this challenge.  I've got a few other tops in the works and fabrics to start a few more.  I'm really hoping to finish up a lot of these in the next few months and then start fresh from there!  

Here's to getting projects done and tying up all the loose ends for Christmas!  Have a great weekend!