Baby Bloomer Wall Hanging

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Geez, it's been a while since I've actually finished one of my projects.  I'm constantly working on things, but the waiting game is the part I hate.  Waiting to get something back from the quilter and/or saving up the money for it just kills me!  All of you out there that have your own quilting machines, you are so lucky.  My husband said, "Maybe in a few years".  Until then - we quilt slowly but surely.  I don't think my little home machine is quite cut out to do big projects.  It's so basic.  I got it 11 years ago when I first started quilting.  All I cared about at the time was having a straight stitch.  I am SOOO ready for somthing bigger and better!  But I have been trying to do a few little projects with straight lines.  THAT I can handle.  Like this little project:

I just used up some of my neutral scraps to make a little somthing for my nativity to sit on, until I get the rest of the pieces of it (it needed a little umph).  It was fun to quilt the straight lines and the neutral colors will be good for lots of purposes throughout my house.  Like this:

Anyways, my point was, that I finally got my Baby Bloomer wall hanging back from my quilter.  It took a week or two longer than she said it would take (She's backed up with quilts for Christmas now so I am so sad to say that my Fig Tree quilt is getting pushed out until after the 25th) but at least she got this one done.  

The pattern can be found in the book Stop, Drop & Roll by Heather Mulder Peterson.  The fabric is Camille's Simple Abundance.

I'm teaching a class on this in January at Just Sew.  It's a fun little project that you can get done in an afternoon.  It's great for beginners.  Now I can check one off the list!  I gotta go take it to the store for display now.  Good-bye for a while Baby Bloomer! 


  1. What a great feeling to have 2 projects completed! They are very different but both so cute!

  2. What great projects! I've put the book on my Christmas list!

  3. Very nice ambs! I like both projects!


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