Monday, January 3, 2011

Did you have a good New Years?

I know I did.

But I have a little confession to make ~
Up until about 7 o'clock on New Years Eve, I thought for sure, without a doubt, my husband and I were going to die that night.  Seriously.  I was super stressed about our plans; which included an "adults only" New Years Eve party about 1 hour from our house.  Now, any other time of year, it wouldn't have been a big deal to make that drive, but like many of you out there can relate to, the weather here in Utah has been a little hostile lately.  Not only did we have to make, what I thought would be, a very treacherous drive, but we would also be hanging out with about 20 other people that we did not know.  We would be eating sushi, which I do not eat and we would be doing karaoke which I do NOT do and we would be going hot tubing (I put off getting in a bathing suit at all costs) and doing ping pong (any guesses how I feel about ping pong?)  Well, needless to say I was not excited about going to this party. 

But, it ended up being a great evening!
Mother Nature was extremely nice to us.  The roads were dry and clear.  There were no "crazies" on our path.  I tried sushi and it was absolutely delicious!  There was no karaoke, but instead Wii Dance Off battles (which is waaay more up my alley.  I competed with 3 other players, dancing to Jump, Jump by Kris-Kross.  It was so fun, but I made a complete fool out of myself and was the only one completely out of breath by the end of our song.)  Hot tubbing was not even mentioned and many fun games were played instead.  It was a great night!

As you may be able to tell from reading this, 
I.  Am.  A.  Worrier. 

I think becoming a mother did that to me.  I've realized that I have become quite pessimistic in thinking the worst possible scenarios and outcomes will happen to me.  I think my life is just pretty darn good, so something is bound to happen sooner or later.  Well it's not good to think this way.  Sooo.  This year I am going to focus on having a more positive outlook.  More hope.  More faith.  I think I pretty much went out with a bang in 2010 as far as my negative outlook goes, so here's to a new year!  New outlooks, new attitudes.  New energy.

I'm looking forward to 2011 and hope you have a bright future ahead of you, as well.  Also, I really want to say thank you for all of your support and friendship this past year.  I love reading your comments and have "met" many wonderful friends through blogging.  You keep me laughing, give me great ideas, and nourish my creative soul.  Thanks again!



  1. I'm glad you had a good time. I feel the same way, my resolution is to stop sweating the stuff and just enjoy life! oh and I want to get Wii Dance off too : )

  2. You made me really laugh - cute story. I do know a couple of people like you - people that have elevated worrying to an art form. Take care and relax ... don't worry, be happy ;-)

  3. Amber, I would have been just the same. I dont know what it is but I see the bad side of things and the potential hazards in everything. It could be motherhood, it could be age it could be in the genes. Thanks to a husband who is quite rational and his belief that `there is no point worrying about stuff you cant change by worrying`, I am getting better, but I still would have been just like you.
    Really really glad you had a wonderful evening and I am going to join you in the positive thinking cos, well, whats the worst that could happen. Lol. xxxx

  4. I'm glad you had a wonderful time. I have to confess I'm never really excited about that that type of social event but I'm generally glad I went afterwards.

    Some things are worth worrying over; some are not. Worry about the things you can control and let the rest go. You'll feel much better for it! Happy New Year!

  5. You got me at "adults only" amber! Glad you had a good time. I am a worrier too. I'd probably have stayed home at the last minute.

  6. I would worry about exactly the same things and you've got it right about it's all due to being a mother! Except my [baby?] is thirty (and named Amber)!
    Wish you a wonderful 2011.

  7. Amber, please know you are in good company. :o) There is something about becoming a mom, that did the very same thing to me. I love the verse Phillipians 4:8! It centers me! :o) I hope it blesses you!
    Happy New Year!!
    Sincerely, Trish

  8. I think we might be sisters. :) I am a worrier too and mostly find out I worried over nothing! More hope and more faith - I love that! blessings, marlene

  9. You don't seem like a worrier to me. Alot of fun to be around though! Glad you enjoyed your evening after all. Wishing you an enjoyable 2011!

  10. Amber, so glad you had a great time that night. You and Ryan deserved a night out together. And we had fun with the kidlets. Everything was good!

  11. I'm really glad that it did not turn out as you thought it would!!!! Happy New Year!!

  12. Oh dear. You're too funny. But, boy, oh boy, are you ever going to be in trouble when your kids get into high school. If you think the worrying is bad now.... Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I love those Wii games! Happy New Year!

  13. Ambs, sounds like it was a blast! I've always wanted to go to an "adults" New Year's Eve party, but it's never worked out. I'm sure you killed it in the dance competition! :) We actually made sushi on New Years Eve too, but it was just with my family, so probably not nearly as fun. :)


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