Temptation and a confession.

Monday, March 21, 2011

To tempt:
1. to cause desire or craving to arise in somebody
2.  to be inviting or attractive to somebody

So, I'm tempted.  So what?!?
[I'm being good.  I promise!  But, it's really hard.]
What's a girl to do when she's without a hubby and a sewing machine
and the wee ones are tucked in bed?
Shop online, of course!

So cute right???  I've been eyeing these darling ironing board covers for quite some time now.  Even more so when I saw this darling Scissor Sleeve to go with:

This also caught my eye (it could be useful at Market).

I've been wanting this for a while.  Or at least something from her shop.

And, these are just plain cute:

Sooo, it's time for a confession
[about my sewing machine.]
13 years and she's never been serviced (gasp!)
A guy came out today to do an "in home service call".
It's suppose to only take an hour.
2-1/2 hours later he asked if I would mind if he took my machine to his shop.
[I guess that's what I get for not getting it serviced on an annual basis.]
He said she is a good machine. 
I told him I want to get a new one. 
He said, "They don't make machines like they use to."
[Is he putting her in that "ancient" category?]
Anyways, I hope she comes back to me better than before...
It's like my baby has gone on her first overnighter. 
Literally.  I'm scared.  I miss her. 
I hope she doesn't get into any trouble while she's away... 
Those overnighters lead to nothin' but trouble, I tell ya! 
I know from experience...:)

Is anyone else as bad as I am about getting their machine serviced? 
I'm quite embarrassed that it's been 13 years
(and a bit proud that she's held up so good for so long.)

Anyways ~ wish me luck. 
I hope she chooses the right.