Mod Meadow Pattern + Giveaway!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'd like you to meet Mod Meadow.
[My latest pattern out of Kate Spain's Central Park.]

Yay!  She's finally done and I'd love to hear what you think?!?

She measures in at 61" square and if you liked Mod Medallions 
[my third pattern], then I think you might like Mod Meadow too. 

It's kind of a stretch, but if you look real close, the Mod Medallion block is kind of in there.  If you look at the 9-patch blocks and follow the white out into the leaves, you'll see it.  I almost called this quilt "Remix" or "Take Two" but decided that it really was completely different than Mod Medallions.  I decided to go with Mod Meadow instead. 

I don't I the only one that sees that?

This quilt is scrappy, but only uses 1 charm pack, lots of white and some green.
I used It's A Hoot plaid (in pistachio) by Momo for Moda for the leaves.

This quilt combines simple piecing with easy machine applique for the leaves
(so there's no need to get overwhelmed :)  Although, I think if someone out there chooses to hand applique all of the 168 leaves, then you'll have a real show-stopper on your hands. 

Kaylene Parry in Lehi quilted this for me.  She did a fantastic job.

I always like to do a giveaway [when I can] to celebrate the release of a new pattern.  Sooo... I have 1 Central Park charm pack, 1 yard of that lovely pistachio plaid from Momo [love that green!] and my new Mod Meadow pattern to give away.

Leave me a comment below.
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Contest will end Wednesday at midnight.

I think that's it!

Oh, one last thing~

I gotta couple of cuties here I wanted to show ya:

And one interesting bridge shot [from my photo shoot today].

That really is the actual color of the photo.  No photoshopping!

K.  Have a good day. 
~ Amber