Sugar & Spice - Americana Style

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Land that I love...Stand beside her and guide her...
[I've got "God Bless America" running through my head right now if you couldn't tell.  Something about this picture, I think.]

This weekend I finished sewing the binding on my red, white & blue 30's quilt.  I'm actually ahead of schedule!!!  That doesn't happen very often so I thought it was time for a celebration.  For those of you who want to get a head start
just like me :)
on a scrappy Fourth of July quilt - just head on over to

my etsy shop.  For one week Sugar & Spice will be ON SALE for two dollars off
[$6 instead of $8].
The back [just using up scraps]:

I love scrappy quilts. And I love this pattern because it is great for so many different color schemes! Whether it's done in red, white and blues, Christmas fabrics or your little guys' favorite colors - this works! 

[Click here to see the original "girly" version that I made for my daughter, whom the pattern was named after.]
These zig zag edges are so fun on the side of a bed.
Any guesses, which fabrics are my favorite?  Yeah, the polka dots.  Even though they're not "30's" I just had to throw them in.
Now.  If only the snow would melt and the clouds would go away, I would feel like summer really was around the corner...  I can't wait!