Simple Gifts Quilt

Thursday, September 3, 2009

This quilt is a few years old but is one of my favorites. I think I like it because it has such a different feel than any other quilt I've made. I made it for my parents as a Christmas gift in 2006. They had just built a European style home, so I tried to create a quilt that would look good in it. I didn't want to go too country or too mod with the fabrics. I think this one suits them quite well. I know they keep it on the back of their couch in their family room and snuggle up in it often (I LOVE that. I strongly believe quilts should be out, loved and gently used instead of hiding in a closet somewhere.) The pattern is called Simple Gifts from the book, Blended Quilts by From in the Beginning. I love that book. Lucky for me, my parents moved to Utah recently, so I am able to see them more often and was able to snatch a couple pictures of this quilt the other day.

Thankfully I've got a label on it, so I can remember the year I made it. I lose track after awhile!

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