Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm not normally one to get an autograph, but I couldn't help myself.

My cute sister-n-law, Brittany and I went to a couple fabric stores on Saturday looking for some material to make some fall pillowcase covers. We went to Broadbents and Material Girls, since I hadn't been to either in a long time. I was also looking for some of Heather Bailey's Pop Garden Rose Bouquet fabric. All we had at JUST SEW was this colorway:

But I really wanted this colorway:
(This was something I knew I shouldn't spend the money on, but since I am an admitted addict and I just won this book from Anka's Treasures, I knew I better get some before it was all gone. )

I just love the cover quilt, so I had to get me some of that center fabric. Anyways, long story short (everything is a long story with me...) I found the bolt I wanted at Material Girls and was walking around the store, minding my own business and suddenly Brittany tells me that Heather Bailey is "Here. Today." We waited patiently in line and then spent a few minutes talking with her, seeing her sketch book and checking out her upcoming fabric line (which she had pictures of on her laptop.) I had her sign my fabric which I will eventually be making a little tag out of and stitching to the back of my finished quilt - someday. Memories. Anyways. Very random. And very exciting. After a little Cafe Rio for lunch, we went back to get a picture of us with Heather via Brittany's phone, but unfortunately she had left. Heather was really friendly and down to earth. She is amazingly talented and no wonder she was here in Utah speaking at the Startup Princess convention as the Keynote Speaker. Lucky us that we ran into her that day. The very day I wanted to get me some Rose Bouquet...

Oh, I haven't been posting much the last few days because I've been working on something involving this (and $50 dollars).

I can't wait to show you! Let's just say I've been waiting almost 6 years for one of these...:)
And, you fellow blogger-slash-refinishers of wood have inspired me!


  1. Your quilt is going to be fantastic!!! That fabric is oh so bluetiful!! I can't wait to see this paint project you are working on that green is one of my favorite shades!!!

  2. So very cool! That's awesome that you have her autograph! Maybe you can get in touch with her again...

    Can't wait to the see the finished product involving that paint and $50! ;)

  3. Okay Amber, I think I'm ready for you to give me a quilting 101 class (or maybe even 99):) All of your projects are inspiring me, cute! BTW, is that green for the project I think it's for?,..that would be lovely! Have a good day!!! See you at Bunko.

  4. I'm so glad you got to get her autograph! It'll be perfect for a tag on the back of your quilt. And I can't wait to see your project...I'll have to stop by sometime soon! :)

  5. You lucky duck! Heather Bailey! Cant wait to see the finished product

  6. Heather Bailey! That is awesome! Love the new pattern and I'm a big fan of that fabric line also. I start my quilt class next Wednesday, I'm excited.

  7. I still can't believe our luck that day. You & Jared are seriously the luckiest people I know. Good thing I get to hang out with both of you. :)

    I love the green!

  8. Amber, I can't wait to see your $50 project! And Brittany, yes, your Jared is a lucky guy (to have you)!


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