Tuesday Tips - A New Series

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Did you all have sweet dreams last night?  I know I did.  I skipped dinner and ate about 8 fun size candy bars (AND DIDN'T FEEL THE LEAST BIT BAD ABOUT IT.)  It's the only night a year that we can justify that right?

So do you remember about 6 weeks ago when I posted pictures (HERE) of my disastrous sewing room???  Well, talk about a good kick in the pants.  Since then, I've really been motivated to get my sewing room in working order.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I've been collecting pictures of different ways to organize and decorate my sewing room.  I've been so inspired by all of the wonderful ideas on Pinterest lately that I've just about finished a complete sewing room makeover and have decided to start a new series on my blog called, Tuesday Tips.  I'll be sharing some ideas that I've implemented into my new creative space that are sure to keep things cute, organized and efficient.  The best thing about Tuesday Tips is that I've asked other well-known bloggers and designers to share bits of their creative spaces with you too ~ right here on my blog!

So today, I want to be the first to share one little corner of my creative space.  Let me first tell you though, that during my makeover, I found inspiration from two places.  First, my color scheme was inspired by a piece of Moda fabric that I picked up about 6 months ago and second, my "statement piece" was inspired by this picture I found on Pinterest:

   [image found on weheartit.com]  Isn't she dreamy???

So first, I painted my walls "Peppermint Patty" by Ace Hardware.  Then I went on a hunt for a double wide dresser.  I was on a mission.  I had one hour to shop before my kids got home from school.  I first hit a couple of stores where they sell cute (painted) furniture with lots of character, but quickly realized that they would want about $300 dollars more than I had to spend.  So I cruised around the corner to a local thrift store instead.  There, I found it. 

She was a total piece of junk.  Some little kid really did a number on her. 

She was missing a piece of hardware

 and part of a leg.

It was nothing that a little sanding, wood glue and a few new knobs couldn't fix though.

This ugly duckling went from drab to fab for less than $50!

Here's the breakdown: 
$45 - dresser
$16 - four glass knobs
$30 - paint and rollers
$96 - total for new storage unit

I desperately needed some style and function in this room.  Now, there's a place for everything and everything in it's place!  Notice my inspiration fabric in my rose framed message board (I got the frame from the Good Will for $9.99!  I'm all about the deals baby!) 

So this is just one aspect of my new sewing room.  I love the form and function this piece offers.  I can beautifully display my scraps and threads on top, while storing away more fabric and tools inside.  This was definitely a much needed piece of furniture in this room!

I'll share some more photos from my sewing room makeover with you in the following weeks, but I do hope you'll come back next week for "Tuesday Tips" where Jodi from the blog, Pleasant Home will share with us a little piece of her creative space!  I can't wait to see it!!!