All Hallows Eve Portrait

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I love this time of year, don't you?

I love the crisp autumn air.
Scarves and cozy sweaters.
Soups and pumpkin pie cake.
I love the fallen leaves in my yard.  
And the thrill of my children raking them up in huge piles
just to jump in them over and over again.

I love family get-togethers.
And thinking about my blessings.

I love the festivities of the coming months.
And I love my newly finished "All Hallows Eve Portrait" wall-hanging.
It's my only finish as of late and I think it's the perfect little quilt to take our home from the cold, dark nights of Octobers' tricks and treats
into a cozy, thankful November. 

The pattern, "All Hallows Eve Portrait" can be found in Joanna Figueroa's Fresh Vintage Issue #17.


  1. I too love this time of year! Beautiful "portrait!" Love the pumpkin silouette:)


  2. Gorgeous. Soft yet bold...I love it.

  3. Incredibly classy - Kind of a mix of Grandma's patches and todays modern. Love it.

  4. You are making me wish I had been home long enough to do a little fall decorating. Your "Portrait" wallhanging is perfect with the G on it. I love the black pumpkin on the muted backgrounds.

  5. I love it Ambs! You are seriously an amazing quilter! I love that little pillow, too. :)


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