The Perfect End to Summer

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I can't say that I won't miss the long, lazy days of summer, sleeping in, not having to rush my kids out the door so they won't miss the bus in the morning,
watching them become fantastic swimmers after numerous sessions of swim lessons, playing with cousins and neighborhood friends, b-b-q's, late nights, spontaneous frozen yogurt runs with the fam and all the other wonderful things that summer entails. 

But I will say that I am sooo over trying to keep my house clean after two little tornadoes make their way through every day and I am also over repeating myself 10 times to get my kids to "hear" me.

So.  This is the PERFECT way to end summer.
A quilting retreat to St. George with my friends.
3 glorious days of sewing, sewing and more sewing.

I've got my supplies all ready to go.
I'll be bringing four projects to work on: 

A scrappy Goose Tracks quilt.

A {not as} scrappy star quilt using a fun new gadget I just received (more on that later).

My 2 color "crayon" project that I've been dying to start.

And, a little Halloween wall hanging that I started the other day.  Can you see how I'm all over the place here?  I kind of lost my focus a while ago and hope to find it again one of these days. :)

My scissors and rotary cutter are "labeled" with orange ties so they won't get lost in the excitement of things.

I've got everything a quilting girl like me could anticipate needing on a weekend like this ~ pins, glue, an extension cord, my favorite seam ripper {hope I don't need that too much} and all of my favorite colors of thread.

I've got the other essentials too, like my cutting mat, ruler, iron and travel ironing mat.   I hope that's everything!!!

Just one last thing to do ~ spend some quality time with the kiddos and hubby before I leave.  [Thank goodness for a sweet husband who is so fully capable of having his wife be gone for a few days.  He's such a good man!  They'll probably party hard while mom's gone.  Let the good times roll!]