Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I think there is bird poop on my snowballs.

That's what I get for finishing this scrappy Christmas quilt [two years later]
in the middle of June.

All of the snowballs were made with fabric from my stash.  Not too many Christmas fabrics are in this one ~ I've got 30's, traditional, flannel ~ anything went in as long as it fit into my red, green, beige, brown, white [even a few blacks] color scheme.   

Being that it's a Christmas quilt, I wanted to make it extra warm and snugly.  So, I used green dot minky for my backing.  Besides being everyone's new favorite quilt to snuggle with, another bonus is that the 60" wide minky meant I didn't need to piece my back.  Perfect.

If you've ever wondered how minky washes up ~ it washes up great, as you can see from the photo below.  There are different qualities of minky [so I hear] but if you get it from a quilting store, you should feel confident that it will wash up and wear great. 

Isn't it amazing how well the quilting shows through the plush fibers of the minky?  And, that's red thread on there, which you can't really see through the green minky...a nice feature, I think.

I have always loved the feel of minky, but I haven't actually used it in a quilt before.  I guess I thought it was kind of "trendy".  My family is now in love with it though so I may have to make a few more "cuddle quilts" with it.  This quilt is not super big (53" x 69") but it's heavy and soft.  Perfect for a winter wonderland kind of day. 


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