A Fun Giveaway

Monday, June 13, 2011

You know my little sis ~ the writer, the beautiful bookmark maker and the "little things" advocate?  Well she's now the Huntress.  She has a new shop on Etsy where she's selling lots of little artifacts and pretty things that she finds along the way.  Today is the GRAND OPENING of her shop,

Cassie is doing not one, not two, but three giveaways for 3 different $15 credits to her new shop, where you might find fun treasures such as these:

[LOVE this green.  Might need to get these...]  

[Very unique forks.]

[And, I love the colors on this tin.  So pretty!]

So.  There are 4 ways to enter giveaway #1:
1.) Follow Cassie's blog, A Serenade for Solitude.  Leave me a comment saying that you do.
2.) 'Like' The Huntress on Facebook via Etsy and leave me a comment saying that you have.
3.) Share with me your favorite item from the shop in a comment.
4.) Re-blog this giveaway to share the love--don't forget to tell me that you have in a comment! And feel free to use the giveaway button.
For giveaways #2 and #3, head on over to Cassie's blog or the Baby Night Night Boutique blog to enter to win!  All winners will be announced on Thursday.
And for good measure, I just have to share this one last picture.  Cassie just listed these in her shop:

They make me laugh.  But I'm kind of lovin' rainbows right now. 
They're just happy :)