Highs and Lows

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This could be considered a "low" but it was actually one of the funniest moments I've had in a long time.  Picture me: sprinting down the street in my running clothes [all by myself at 7:30 in the morning] with a shower cap on my head and a small towel wrapped around my shoulders like a shawl; held together with a "claw" clip.  Laughing. All. the. way. home. 

Again, I repeat, all by myself

Somehow, I think it's easier to pull a look like that "off" when you're with someone.  Sadly that wasn't an option this time.

As I left my friend/running partner/hair stylist's house this morning after she quickly put on an "all over color"  in my hair, I couldn't decide what I would rather be seen doing - walking or running [with a shower cap on my head]?  So I just decided to make a run for it!  Unfortunately, 2 cars passed me before I could get to my house around the corner. 

It was not one of my "coolest moments"... but it did make for some good laughs on my part.

 All that matters is that I was semi-permanently able to get rid of a lot of gray hairs.

The Low? 

[Due to the graphic nature of this description, continue reading only if your stomach can handle words like "blood gushing" and "crushed tomatoes" or if you are a grammar fanatic, beware of run on sentences ahead.]

Anyways, the low was probably when I decided to pry open the top of a tomato can that had not opened all of the way due to my lame can opener and sliced my thumb open and blood started gushing and crushed tomatoes flew everywhere and I started bawling hysterically and quickly rushed to the E.R. with my crew where I had to get a Tetnis shot and where I had to get injected with numbing "stuff" directly into the empty crater that use to be my thumb and where I had to get stitches, all for which I will then have to pay about as much as our $400 dentist appointment that my son and I incurred this morning in between the shower cap incident and me running off to work with a face that was half numb and well yeah...that was probably the low. 

You don't want to see pictures of the actual wound so here's where things stand as of right now:

Through all of that though, there came another high ~ sweet little kids who take darn good care of their mommy when she decides to foolish pry open metal cans with her bare hands and a husband who will take her to Cafe Rio when tomato soup no longer sounds good and pizza with tomato sauce also, will not cut it.

It really was a relatively good day. :)

P.S.  Sorry to sound like a drama queen and sorry for the terrible grammar in this post!  Please forgive!!! :)