Highs and Lows

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This could be considered a "low" but it was actually one of the funniest moments I've had in a long time.  Picture me: sprinting down the street in my running clothes [all by myself at 7:30 in the morning] with a shower cap on my head and a small towel wrapped around my shoulders like a shawl; held together with a "claw" clip.  Laughing. All. the. way. home. 

Again, I repeat, all by myself

Somehow, I think it's easier to pull a look like that "off" when you're with someone.  Sadly that wasn't an option this time.

As I left my friend/running partner/hair stylist's house this morning after she quickly put on an "all over color"  in my hair, I couldn't decide what I would rather be seen doing - walking or running [with a shower cap on my head]?  So I just decided to make a run for it!  Unfortunately, 2 cars passed me before I could get to my house around the corner. 

It was not one of my "coolest moments"... but it did make for some good laughs on my part.

 All that matters is that I was semi-permanently able to get rid of a lot of gray hairs.

The Low? 

[Due to the graphic nature of this description, continue reading only if your stomach can handle words like "blood gushing" and "crushed tomatoes" or if you are a grammar fanatic, beware of run on sentences ahead.]

Anyways, the low was probably when I decided to pry open the top of a tomato can that had not opened all of the way due to my lame can opener and sliced my thumb open and blood started gushing and crushed tomatoes flew everywhere and I started bawling hysterically and quickly rushed to the E.R. with my crew where I had to get a Tetnis shot and where I had to get injected with numbing "stuff" directly into the empty crater that use to be my thumb and where I had to get stitches, all for which I will then have to pay about as much as our $400 dentist appointment that my son and I incurred this morning in between the shower cap incident and me running off to work with a face that was half numb and well yeah...that was probably the low. 

You don't want to see pictures of the actual wound so here's where things stand as of right now:

Through all of that though, there came another high ~ sweet little kids who take darn good care of their mommy when she decides to foolish pry open metal cans with her bare hands and a husband who will take her to Cafe Rio when tomato soup no longer sounds good and pizza with tomato sauce also, will not cut it.

It really was a relatively good day. :)

P.S.  Sorry to sound like a drama queen and sorry for the terrible grammar in this post!  Please forgive!!! :)


  1. I am sorry about your hand.....you did have alot of highs and lows but the great thing is, family is always there.

  2. Oh my. I care not about the grammar or the blood/tomato graphical lingo. I fave this post cos it restores my own self belief that I am not the only one that has those sorts of days.
    Take care of yourself and it can only get better cant it.

  3. I had an unfortunate accident with my rotary cutter recently and my thumb looked similar to yours! I found taking a shower most inconvenient as they'd told me it couldn't get wet. I'm all healed up now and you'll be too soon! Glad to hear you've got some extra hands (husband, kids) that really does help :-)
    Hope you get better soon!

    Oh and that shower cap story very funny!

  4. How awful for you!!!! Hair -- good .... thumb -- not so good!!! If it's any help for the "future" I highly recommend the Tupperware can opener - it opens everything with ease and does not leave a sharp edge - don't ask me how but it just doesn't!!!!! No, I'm not a Tupperware dealer but I have owned this opener for years and it's never failed me!!

    I'm guessing this will mean not so much sewing for you, hope you have lots of quilting mags to peruse and looks like your lovely family will look after you all the way!!!

    Take care!

  5. Oh Amber, I'm so sorry about your thumb! On a positive note, is your bandage purple?! :) I hope today is BETTER! I think you've got a pretty good shot at that. LOL! :)

  6. yikes! and ouch,ouch,ouch! the hair looks great!

  7. Love the hair color...sorry to hear about the ER appoinment you needed to repair the damage to the thumb due to the metal of the can... at least you can go out for dinner and have had your hair done... no sewing for a few eeks hugh.... hope you mend quickly...
    hugs Dawn x x x

  8. #1 Ha Ha! The shower cap is never a good look.
    "That hat doesn't suit you dear... you should get something with a brim." ( from 'till there was you)

    #2- Ouch! I am so sorry.

    P.S. your hair looks great!

  9. Oh ouch!!! What a day - from high to low. Too stressful (and too funny in the a.m.).


  10. Oh boy. That is a low isn't it? Your hair looks pretty though!! :o) I hope your hand heals quickly for you.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  11. Ouch!! Sorry you hurt your hand.:(
    However, your hair looks awesome! :)


  12. yikes i hope you don't have any more low's in your day and your thumb heals quickly.

  13. ok....have to admit I kept reading and I am sure you could hear my gutteral scream when I read the part about the can. I have the HUGEST fear about getting cut...due to a knife in a drawer incident that happened many years ago. I hope you heal quickly, but I have to admit that I am cautious to the point of abnormality when it comes to anything sharp. Get better soonest.

  14. My tin opener takes the whole top off the tine and the edge isn't sharp!! I once saw a 'safety' woman on tv talking about how NOT to open a tin of corn beef (are yours the same - you use a key to wind round a strip then then can comes apart) - of course she sliced her finger open on live tv!! Hope it heals up soon. Love the hair colour! Regards, Anne

  15. Your hair looks beautiful and shiny! Great family.

  16. All I can say is, wow, you need some ice cream {ice cream always makes you feel better}.

    Oh, and your color is fabulous!

  17. Amber-So sorry about your thumb:( ouch! As for the hair story....pretty funny. Hope your feeling better, you sure have a good attitude:)

  18. I agree with Mary, your hair looks great! I know about covering up gray! It's always worse on dark hair! So sorry about the thumb! Tetnis shots are no fun. Glad to see you are otherwise ok. Nice to have a good family, huh?

    But what happened to the poor people that saw you before you got to your car. Muhahaha ... this post made my day. Sorry that it was at your expense.


    PS - I usually sign my posts "Hugs & stitches", but I didn't want you to think I was being crass.

  19. ah! amber!
    that looks like something I would do. . .
    I hope it heals fast. that's no fun.

  20. Love your hair color! Is it from a "box"??? Anyway, sorry about your trip to the ER but at least your hair looked great...LOL (Sorry...I know it's not really funny...that must have hurt :()

  21. I'm so sorry! What a day, but, your hair looks fabulous, dahling!
    :-} pokey

  22. Glad to hear your thumb wasn't worse! Those cans can be brutal!

    Take care..... you have a wonderful family!! :)


  23. Oh, Amber. I am so sorry about your thumb. But your hair looks great although I can't imagine you had that much gray.
    Hope the hurt thumb doesn't slow up your creativity too much.
    Love the table. That is a great find.

  24. Oh Amber, I am so sorry about your thumb. But your hair looks great, although I can't imagine you having that much gray.
    Hope the hurt thumb doesn't stop your creativity for long.
    Love that table. It was a great find.

  25. That had to hurt then add the dentist bill on top of that and it's deadly painful. Wow! I'm so glad you're home and on the mend. The hair looks great too!

  26. Oh my goodness. First off, I have to say that I am glad you still have your thumb?! Geez, close one. And, your hair looks great. Take care, sis. Hope you have a quick recovery!

  27. Oh what a day! Good thing for Cafe Rio.

  28. That was funny and scarey.

    At first I read your more recent posting and was afraid you lost your thumb! (BTW, a friend DID lose her thumb and had a textbook surgery that fixed it!! They replaced her thumb with her index finger. Apparently, it's far easier to get through life without an index finger than it is to live without a thumb.) But I digress (big time!)....

    You might be interested in one of these. I swear by mine because I will never again xomw near a sharp edge when I open a can. It lifts the lid and there are NO sharp edges. I bought one for each of my brothers, and my niece and nephew. I swear I am not making any money off of this.
    http://www.amazon.com/Kuhn-Rikon-Safety-Lifter-Opener/dp/B00004R8ZC Try one. I think you will like it.

  29. I'm assuming you have a new can opener?!

    The hair is Great! Why were you running home in that getup?

  30. The hair is beautiful. But ouch! Holy cow. That made my tummy flip flop when I read it.

    Oh the table in the next post is great!


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