Childhood Moments

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I just can't stop thinking about M and how much she is growing each and every day. Three is a big age! She's learning so much and so impressionable right now. I keep witnessing her having lots of "Aha Moments" and can tell that little brain of hers running ramp id all of the time. She'll often bring up a subject that we talked about days or weeks earlier and I just think "Wow, she actually heard me (?!?) and was internalizing it." These are just a few of some of the "moments" that I thought were so interesting and cute lately. Maybe it's just the way she said them, but as her mother I think I'm getting little glimpses into the young woman she's going to be... I asked M if she wanted to help me make some soup the other day. She got so excited (it was a little surprising actually.) She then went on to tell me that she wants to be a baker when she grows up. She's already into crafts, cooking, changing her clothes a million times a day, lip gloss (the girl can't get enough lip gloss - and it's always MY lip gloss- it's not like she has her own source.) She is so full of kisses and random "I love you Moms." About a week ago, she was taking a bath and I was doing my hair and makeup and she said, "Mom, what makes you happy?" And I really think she was sincerely curious. I can just see that she is constantly thinking and checking out the world around her. She's tender and strong willed at the same time. She's already into decorating too (I could tell when the other day she told me out of the blue that she wanted flowers on her bed - not a white bed any more. That is actually going to work out because the "French Roses" quilt I made for her is just about done!) She informed me today that she wants TWO pets - a cat and a dog. And, if she's watching TV and sees something fun on a commercial then she'll yell, "Mom! Mom! Come here! You have to see what I want! No you have to come here!" Well, M is a sweetie and a lot of fun (a lot of energy, but a lot of fun.) Oh and she is already talking about what she wants for her next birthday. She did this last year - talked about it for months prior. Seriously. Like 4 or 5 months. She is such a girly girl and she keeps me on my toes.

B is at a funny age too. The big SIX. I have to jot down this story that happened a few weeks ago. It was so great. So RJ is "The Scout Master" in our ward so B totally tags along to lots of the scout activities. He goes as much as he can. He loves it. He told me a few months ago that he is a "scout cub" (for those of you that don't know about scouts, it's "Cub scout." But whatever. It was cute.) So B has been camping in the snow and rain. Can you believe that!?! It's crazy. My little baby! Anyways, so a few weeks ago B goes to this Young Men/Young Women activity where they decorated Pine Wood Derby cars and then had races. B apparently ended up winning the entire race and received somebody's old broken karate trophy for the prize. He was so proud of that thing. He would get the biggest smile any time someone would ask him about winning. He loved it. Well, I think it was the night he won, that I found him shining his trophy. It was after his bedtime and I was like "B, what are you doing?!?" and he said, "I want it clean!" Then the next morning I was making sure his backpack was all ready to go for school and I found the trophy inside! I laughed, "B! Why are you taking your trophy to school?" Well, he wanted to show his friends on the bus. So I let him. But then he wanted to take it again a few weeks later so I had to explain to him about bragging and showing off. But, I just thought it was so funny to see how much that trophy meant to him (and it was actually suppose to be a joke if one of the Young Men or Young Women won it.) He's a good kid and has a really good heart.

I sure love my babies. Thing One and Thing Two. My Kidlets. (Don't ask. Don't know where "Kidlets" came from:) I'm weird.)


  1. They do grow up so fast, it's amazing. It's good of you to write these things down so that you can look back and remember them. And by the way, I say kidlets all the time, so you're not too weird for me! :)

  2. I like kidlets. It should be used more often. I agree, your kids are great. EVERY Sunday Blake walks by me and says "Hi Sister Thorn." Highlight of my day.

  3. Very sweet. I love to hear about your kidlets. They are both so sweet! We miss you guys. Wish we could see you more often.

  4. Blake should be proud--beating all those big kids!!

    So what did you tell Maya about what makes you happy? You know you can take advantage of those times and say things like "when we make it through a whole day without permanent marker on your face!" :)


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