It was a good day ~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Does anyone else feel like screaming from the roof tops after you've finished (the long overdue) cleaning of the bathrooms!?!

Oh, it feels so nice!

Well, I'm not just posting to tell you all that I actually cleaned my bathrooms today. I also:

*made pancakes for the kidlets
*got the kitchen sparkling clean
*showered (that doesn't always happen. But, I realized that I didn't do that yesterday, so figured it was probably best to keep the non-shower days to a one day maximum) [unless I'm camping or sick, which I welcome just for the fact that I don't have to get ready. Does anyone else hate getting ready as much as I do?]
*dropped off not one, but two wall hangings to a fantastic quilter that said she could squeeze me in this week. I am so excited about this (one of the perks of working at a quilt store - "It's for the store." Which it is. It really is.) These two wall hangings are similar to each other, just different colors. The design is one that I'm going to publish along with a bigger quilt pattern that is just about done. (I'm not showing anything yet. Just waiting to get the patterns & covers finished, etc.)
*surprised B, by picking him up from school with Frosty's in hand for him, M and another little friend that I babysit on Tuesdays. We ate our Frosty's while enjoying the warm sunshine and then the kids played for about an hour on the jungle gym outside B's classroom. It was fun watching him play tag with all of the afternooners that were just arriving.
*Folded a huge mound of clothing that was on my bed.
* Now I need to go make dinner and then fold two more loads of laundry. If, my dryer will work properly and actually dry the clothes within the 52 minutes that I have specified it to dry them in.

Oh, I love feeling like I actually accomplished something! Now, let's see if my clean house can last until tomorrow. And (a big bonus) now that I've gotten some projects and cleaning done, I will be all ready to whip up one of my Golden Crow Brag Books for the winner of my Giveaway (see below.) I'll try to get that done before I head off to Montana next week. Today is the last day to get entered into my giveaway. Contest ends tonight at midnight.

Oh, one last thing. I am such a bad friend - I have been meaning to call, write, e-mail, etc. a birthday note to my dear friend Sarah Anne Poyfair Rader. I know it's belated now. I know I am a slacker (and now all of you know too:). But, I am going to call you Sarah. Until then, I just thought I would send out a "Shout Out" to you for turning 31 on Saturday. Hope it was a good one!

Sarah Anne Rader & me. Friends since the first grade. Love & missin' ya Sarah!


  1. Those days feel so good. No, today was not one of them for me, but I have experienced them and I'm glad you got one today! :)

  2. I am so proud of you. Seriously, doesn't it feel so good to write down all of the things you accomplished. Sometimes I feel so good when I get a shower. You are a rock star. You can call me any time and list off all of the things you've done. I give high praise.
    Thank you so much for thinking of me. You are such a sweetheart. I miss you too!
    Now I know why Keri posted on my facebook account. You are too funny.

  3. wow! i have to say that i am very jealous of you being so productive, hopefully i'll have a day like that soon!

    what a cute pic. of you and sarah! it really makes me miss the "old days" (almost 13 years)! i can't believe it. i read your post, latest post, i am so bummed i didn't win. :) show pics. when you get it finished for Linda!

  4. What a day you had, nice work! I thought about you this last weekend and almost texted you when I got done shopping at fabric depot, they had a huge sale! Can't wait to hear more about the quilt stuff!

  5. I'm tired just reading about your day...I think I'll go take a nap! :)


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