The worst part...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The worst part about having your child pull out all of the towels from the towel cupboard is not

The worst part is when they say, "I like cleaning up." Yes, all of the towels did get put back into the cupboard that afternoon, or should I say shoved back into the cupboard. A few days later... I get to spend a nice portion of my day folding towels.

When you have a mischievous child like mine, take caution of these other common household items:
Bars of Soap and Mirror combinations (sorry no picture)

This picture was taken today - Saturday. Note that I did pass by this horse a few other times this week with band aids on his tummy and knees. "Thing 2" must have had quite a hay day with the band aid box. I saw her on two different occasions with band aids on every one of her 10 fingers. Don't call me if you need a band aid. I'm all out. Hmmm. Am I a bad mom because these things keep happening?


  1. Don't feel bad my kids are always doing stuff like that. Not a bad mom, just adventurous kids:)

  2. NO! Def. not a bad mom! She/they just keep you on your toes. Life would be too boring/easyc w/o all of this fun stuff to clean up!

  3. Amber, you are so funny!! When your kids are older you will be so glad you have this blog (especially when Maya calls to tell her what HER kids have'll have evidence and pictures!!)

  4. hehe, I been there too, my kids are now grown ups with their own little ones,,and yes that saying,,what goes around comes around,,now its there turn and all we can do is chuckle,, enjoy the precious moments,,they grow up to


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