Pixilated Heart Mini Quilt

Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Monday, everyone!

Today I want to share with you a quick project I recently finished.  

It uses a new-to-me method of piecing called "fusible patchwork".  My friend Heather Andrus, from the blog Quilt Story, introduced it to me but the original tutorial was created by Elizabeth Hartman of the blog Oh, Fransson!  You can find the tutorial HERE.

I used 820 Quilter's Grid fusible interfacing by Pellon.  
It's 1" printed grid ensures perfectly matched up corners in your patchwork piecing by sewing vertically and horizontally on all the lines!  AND, it eliminates the need to fuss with pinning because all you have to do is fuse your patchwork pieces in place!  It does create some stiffness to your project though so I'd personally only use it for wall-hangings or maybe even a patchwork bag!

I wanted to be able to display this mini all year around so I decided not to make it too Valentine-y :)  I loved working with my low-volume scraps for the background and some favorite bright pieces from my stash for the heart.  The triangle/heart print in light blue, navy, green and pink was the piece I used to base my whole color scheme off of.  I love that print so much that I backed the whole thing with it too and then had to buy some more just to have in my stash! :)

I decided to quilt through all the squares diagonally creating a cross-hatched effect (I love cross-hatching!)  I tried a few different ways of marking the lines - first, with blue painter's tape and then with a water-soluble pen but finally decided I could quilt it just as well by "eyeing it" (since the squares were small enough) so I stopped marking after the first line or two.

It's hanging in my sewing room with a few other minis above my quilted design wall.  I'll show pictures of the whole room one of these days.  I'm waiting to make and hang one more to finish off the space!

I hope this inspires you today to try something new!  
Whether it be a a new method, a new product or a new color scheme!

Happy quilting!
~ Amber


  1. thanks for the review. i am very happy to know that it works so well. i just ordered a lone star kit using this type of interfacing. it will be be a small one at 48x48, but i have been terrified to try one. the interfacing makes it look much less daunting, and i'm feeling more confident knowing i have a good tool on my side

  2. I love it, especially the nontraditional color choice. I have wanted to try that method since I read about it. This may be a good choice to try. Thanks and would love to see a whole picture of your sewing area.

  3. Very pretty mini heart. Hope to see you room

  4. Cute little "Heart" top and that is an interesting way to put together...love the mini's

  5. Lovely mini quilt...I'd like to try that method too.


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