Modern Sewciety

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

At The International Quilt Market in Houston last October, I met the darling Stephanie Kendron who is the founder and host of Modern Sewciety (a series of sewing/quilting related podcasts).  

(Left to Right: me, Stephanie and my roomies: 

On Modern Sewciety, Stephanie chats with friends in the industry about all sorts of topics.  Recently I enjoyed listening to her chat with "The Butlers" (as in Amy of Amy Butler fabrics and sewing patterns and David Butler of Parson Gray fabrics) who are so down-to-earth yet so inspiring!  

Our chat aired last Friday.  We talked about how I got started in the industry, Market, the book, what I'm up to now...  You can click HERE to listen. 

I'm relatively new to the podcast scene but am glad I found Modern Sewciety because I often find myself thinking it's too quiet when I sew!  Do you listen or watch anything when you sew?  Suggestions??? 

Be sure to stop by to enjoy all of Stephanie's podcasts!

Happy quilting!
~ Amber


  1. Yes, I listen to stories on CD's. I have some of my own, but mostly I get them from our local library. I've listened to some over and over again, but love a story in the background as I sew.
    Your book - Vintage Vibe - is still on my 'to buy' list. I definitely would like to make the 'Jar' quilt - soon! Beautiful work Amber, on all of the patterns.

  2. I listen to Modern Sewciety too. I love it. I'm like you, i sometimes think it's too quiet when I sew. I sew in the garage, so I like to have some noise. I am relatively new to podcasts too, but I jumped on the Serial bandwagon and have also been listening to Criminal. Oh and I was listening to you last night!


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