Did You Know...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

that the best part of blogging and pattern designing is when I receive a picture from someone whose used one of my patterns or tutorials to make something!?!  It seriously makes my day!  So I've had some of these pictures longer than others but I'm excited to finally share these with you!

 * * *

This one is from Brandy.  It was her very first quilt!
It's a big version of my Square Dance pattern for her 11-year old son's bed.  Now she's working on another for her other son.  She inspired me.  Seriously.  Picture coming soon :)

A Candy Hearts quilt by Marie-Etta.  It was her first attempt at machine quilting and hand binding!  I think she did a fantastic job!

 Another Candy Hearts quilt by Lorna.  Rainbow colors for her two-year-old granddaughter!  Love it!

Nancy @ Southampton Quilts made this pumpkin rendition of my 
Fresh Squeezed pattern!  It's a versatile pattern and I love seeing the different things you can do with it!

And here's a twist on my Holly Leaf Table Runner by Amber 
(a different Amber.  Not me :)

Jana from Prague made this Candy Hearts quilt using fabric from Tula Pink - 
just like my Moda Bakeshop one!  This picture was taken at the International Quilt Show ~ the "Prague Patchwork Meeting" in 2011.  Cool huh?

And I'm really sad about these last two pics because I can't remember who sent them to me!  If you (so kindly) sent me these pictures (forever ago) PLEEEASE remind me of your name.  I feel terrible and really want to give you credit!  I know... I need to be a little more organized!

A Candy Hearts quilt with fabric by Tanya Whelan - just like my original one!  
I still loooove that fabric line!

And a twist on my Pretty Peppermints pattern.  I LOVE the 9-patch sashing!

Seriously.  Makes. My. Day.

So, in order to be a little more organized, I have created a Gigi's Thimble Flickr group.  Now, you have to understand that I am sooo not tech savvy (I'm learning).  So if you find that I've done something wrong in setting up the Flickr group - please let me know.  There's not a soul or a photograph in the group yet (ha!) but maybe someday there will be a few :)  Hint, hint.  I'd love it if there was at least one.  or two.  or three :)

 So if you want to join you can click HERE.

 Happy quilting!