Hi. My name's Amber. And I made a bag.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Open Wide Zippered Pouch is finished. 
I actually finished it - that's the part that blows me away the most I think.

Don't get me wrong.  For most of you reading this, this pouch would be a snap to make.  The tutorial was great and I had lots of moral support :)  But for a girl like me, who doesn't do bags or zippers (have I said that before?) - this was kinda a big deal.  But in the end - it really wasn't that hard.  Imagine that.

I made the large version.  With two little pockets.

And a cute little (fray checked) ribbon pull.

And a cute little mini tab.

Yes, I made a bag
(excuse me, a pouch). 
It feels good.  I want to make lots more. 
And maybe get a little better at this sewing a zipper business.

The wonderful tutorial for this Open Wide Zippered Pouch can be found HERE.  3 different size options are included.

Happy sewing!
~ Amber