Happily Ever After

Monday, August 30, 2010

Once upon a time there was a girl who liked to quilt (and other such crafty projects).  One day, not very long ago, she took a trip to a faraway land. 
She visited her beautiful family:
and her long lost friends from the days of yore:

While onst this special retreat, the young girl happened upon a magical place that held treasures and troves beyond her wildest beliefs (o.k. that's taking it a little far.  It actually was a little scary being in the Goodwill in downtown Portland, OR., but let's just say for the sake of the story that it was a WONDERFUL place.) 

Quickly, upon her arrival, she found it ~ a diamond in the rough.
A plaster framed mirror with intricate roses abounding.  The price?


She carried her little treasure home with her, unsure of where it's final resting place would be.

With a little tender loving care, she gave her new treasure a fresh, new start.

After a few coats of heaven's mist

and a hint of glaze (in all the right places), her little treasure was ready to make it's new home in a special corner of the girl's sewing room.

What once was a mirror, now is a message board (who needs to see who the "fairest of them all" is?  It's a craftroom for Pete's sake!)

All was fine in the kingdom and the girl was quite enjoying her new treasure, until a little troll decided to work her magic on the new treasure's friend (the throne ~ that the girl lovingly sat upon day in and day out.)

It was red, permanent and hideous!  The girl was sad.  She wanted to get the little troll but the troll was cunning with her cute smile and big blue eyes.

She decided to forgive the little troll and quickly realized that her throne friend might also benefit from a makeover.  So she got her tools and went to work.  It was a blessing in disguise.  The throne loved it's new look

and they all lived happily ever after.

The end.