Wednesday, December 10, 2008

O.K. I promise - more info on my "GIVEAWAY" is coming VERY, VERY soon:).

But until then, I just have to vent for a second. Isn't there some kind of etiquette on cell phone use within small, confined public rooms? I just ask because I had to help at Blake's school this morning (exchanging take-home reading books) and there was a lady there that I had seen a week or two ago. I remembered her because she was talking on her cell phone the whole time. Well, today she was doing it again. For 35 minutes I had to listen to her conversation! It was just me and her in this very small room. I was literally about 4 feet away from her and she was just talking away. I was pretty annoyed. What would you do? Is there anyone out there daring enough to actually say something? I know I wouldn't, but I wanted to! By the end of her conversation though, I actually started to get amused. I think it was because she sneezed in the middle of her convo and she said, "Bless me!" Can you bless yourself? I think the phrase is "Bless you" or "excuse me." Oh, I am so mean. I mean, I am totally the queen of mixing up phrases (thus my blog title.) And, I know I am so far from perfect. I know I just should have let it go, cut her some slack maybe, but I knew it was a perfect blog topic:) Anyways, sorry for my venting. Man, I hope I don't have to make a blog category for "ventings"... that would not be good.


  1. Seriously, so rude. What are people thinking?

  2. Wow! I don't understand why people think it's ok to do that! My family and I were in the waiting room all day at the hospital today and experienced the same thing! Except it was an ENTIRE family, and they were so loud, with each other and on the phone with anyone and everyone!

  3. Amber, yep I'll join your giveaway. The apron is darling! My user name at the Moda whatever it is is jjfonoimoana.
    I agree with you about the cell phone issue. Lucky and I commute to and from work on the express bus and almost always on the way home there's someone speaking loudly into a cell phone to keep the whole bus "entertained." Not my preference, really.....
    I love reading your blog. You're awesome! Love ya lots, (Aunt) Janet


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