Stash Hash Quilt Along: Week 1

Monday, July 20, 2020

Are you guys ready to get this party started!?
I'm so excited the day is finally here!

It's week 1 of the Stash Hash Quilt-Along and the assignment for this week is to gather 
the pattern and fabrics you plan to use.  I'm making a Christmas version because I have some 
really fun Christmas 10" squares I received in a swap I participated in a year or so ago.

As I've said before, Stash Hash is a great stash buster quilt 
AND it's perfect for pre-cuts!  It requires 5" squares, 2 1/2" squares and some 
2 1/2" rectangles so the 10" squares will give me what I need.

I'm excited to finally put those swap squares to good use!

For my background fabric, I am using the cream fabric that has little 
tan asterisks on it.  It's from the fabric line Christmas Figs II by Fig Tree & Co.  
I think it will add a nice contrast to my Christmas fabrics.

So that's it for this week!  We're starting things off nice and easy!

Will you do me a favor and post a picture on Instagram showing me your fabrics?!?
Be sure to tag me @gigis_thimble and use the hashtags 
#gigisthimblepattern, #stashhashquilt and #stashhashqal.  
I can't wait to see (and I think others will enjoy seeing them too)!
If you're not on Instagram, just leave a comment below telling me your plan.  
I'm dying to hear it!

Also, I have one question for you - 
can you tell me in the comment section below whether or not you would like 
to continue to receive the weekly QAL emails?  I was thinking...all of the info will be in the 
blog posts.  The emails will just be reminders to check out the blog posts.  
So instead of clogging up your inboxes and making one more step for myself I thought 
if you just planned on coming here each Monday morning (or whenever you can each week) 
that might be better for all of us!  But I am happy to do it if you prefer the reminders.  
Vote below with your preference and I'll do what the majority prefers.  Thanks guys!

If this is the first time you've heard about the Stash Hash Quilt-Along it's not too late to join.
HERE'S the Stash Hash QAL Homepage and you can get the pattern HERE.

Happy fabric pulling!


  1. Im very excited about this qal as I love the pattern and have lots of stash. Yes i'd like to receive email reminders.

  2. I'm excited for this sew along and seeing all of the fabric choices! As for your question, I don't really have a preference but, but know it would be less work for you to pass on sending the emails. So, I guess my vote is no emails.

  3. Personally I like e-mails to remind. I won't remember otherwise.

  4. I would prefer to keep the emails coming - as I don't do a great job of going to look at blog posts... I need the reminder.

  5. I love getting a reminder and checking out your blog and store!

  6. Always love a reminder!! And that way I have an excuse to go to your store 😍

  7. Thanks for leading us! I’m good with checking the blog each Monday! Looking forward to getting started!

  8. Hi, Amber. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to use for the quilt. I love your idea of a Christmas quilt. I've been busy making masks (I'm selling them on Etsy to try to make a little money since I'm not working now and didn't qualify for unemployment (ugh)) and just haven't had time to look at what all I have available. I enjoyed getting the email to remind me of the QAL. I get your blog posts too so either way is good. Thanks for doing the QAL, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it. Take care, stay safe, hugs!!! Pam

  9. Hi Amber, I'm doing so much back to school sewing I first thought, oh, I need reminders. However, I'm going to set a reminder on my phone to check your blog each Monday. Maybe at 57 years of age I can learn to use this silly calendar! Excited to get started! Momma Kim

  10. Thanks for hosting this QAL Gigi. I've been hanging on to a lot of vintage Christmas fabric which I've already cut into various sizes so I think your pattern and size requirements of the blocks will be perfect!! I've ordered the pattern and am excited to get started!! Have a great week!! I like the email reminders.

  11. I get your e-mails already so I don't need the reminders. Thanks.

  12. I would like to continue receiving emails as a reminder. Thank you Annette Zimmer,

  13. I want to continue to receive the weekly QAL emails.

  14. I would prefer the email. I'll forget to visit the blog.

  15. I don’t *need* the email reminder. If most feel a reminder is necessary, maybe you could just mention in an insta story?

  16. Good evening Amber,I would like to continue receiving emails. I am relatively new to instagram and like the reminder. Thank you i advance, Nancy from Lake Fork Texas.

  17. Yes please remind me with emails! Love this qal! Also this stash hash is awesome but I only had a jelly roll and a stack of 5” white squares and I can’t make the hashtag and star blocks match! Can you help?!? Star block measures 11 1/2” and the hashtag block is 13” what do I do to make them both the same measurements with only the precuts that I have!?!?


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