Skipper Quilt Finished

Monday, May 13, 2019

 It took me a while to bind my Skipper quilt but it's finally finished!    
I love this quilt and man, I love this kid! 
He requested a new quilt since he outgrew his other one 
and he was totally on board for this Skipper pattern and 
these Sweet Tea fabrics by Sweetwater for Moda.   
I loved working with them.  
Great classic colors and prints; 
you can never go wrong with Sweetwater! 
The fabulous quilting was done by my friend Cathy Barney.  
She used this edge-to-edge design called Diagonal Plaid and 
I think it's a great design for a masculine look.  
Of course, all "snuggle" quilts must be backed with Minky right?
Since I made the twin size quilt and it finished at 72" x 86" I used 90" wide Minky.
That stuff is awesome!  There is no seam on the back of my quilt so it looks fantastic!
I bound the quilt by hand and added this tag for a fun finishing touch! 
This kid is very happy with his new quilt.
I hope he remembers how much his mama loves him every time he wraps up in it!

This is a beginner-friendly pattern that comes with 4 size options.
It's available in paper and PDF versions in my shop.
Click  HERE to check it out.

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  1. What a cute young man! And what a head of hair. I'd like some of that hair! I'm glad he loves his quilt, it looks great. I'm sure he knows how much his mama loves him, even if he wouldn't say ;-)

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment! I'd like some of his hair too, LOL!

  2. Amber I love how your boy coordinated his look with the quilt all the way down to his socks!!

    1. Haha, I swear it wasn't planned. Those were the socks he wore to church that day and Sunday's are just a good day to be able to snag my kids for a photoshoot. It worked out well I guess!


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