Finished Apple-licious Quilt

Monday, November 18, 2013

I'm just popping in to finally share this fun quilt I finished about a week or two ago.  I've been at the very end of a tight deadline (like writing instructions for 10 hours straight-multiple days in a row kind of deadline and I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  I can't wait to share what I've been working on one of these days :)).

Anyways, you  may remember from my last post that I started and finished this quilt, designed by the Miss Lori Holt.

 The pattern is from her new book titled, Quilty Fun.  And really, it WAS so much fun to make!

Each little apple is made with a different fabric. 
And ps., we still have a few kits left at Just Sew. 
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 I had my quilter use my favorite little swirly design in lieu of a stipple.

Even though my back is so simple, I love it.  I loved mixing the two different polka dot prints and it feels good to put some of my leftovers to use.

This scrappy border was really fun to make.  Lori's instructions for everything were so perfect and easy to follow.  And clever!  Man that girl is one smart cookie.  I would have never thought to piece it the way she tells you to do it in the book.  Clever, I tell ya.

I bound it using Vanessa Christenson's Simply Style green textured print.

It's the perfect quilt for this time of year. I've got a whole box of apples sitting in my garage just begging me to make THIS pie with!

So are you making anything apple-y these days? Do share!

Happy quilting!
~ Amber