I'm here...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

 I really am.  

Yet, I'm struggling with how much to say here today.  There's a lot on my plate right now. I'm happy but my mind and body are all over the place.  I'm reflecting on different people and relationships in my life, how to prioritize my commitments and how to balance everything...all while trying to enjoy the ride!  It's just normal stuff, that all of us deal with.  So instead of whining to you I will share some happy pictures before heading off to soccer games and dinner making :) 

These are kits for crayon roll-ups that I will be making and donating to the Dollhouse Festival, an organization that raises money to help abused children in Utah County.  The boutique will be held at the Provo City Library September 26-28 for any Utah locals that want to support a good cause!  

The tutorial I used (and tweaked a bit) is from the blog, 
Skip To My Lou and can be found HERE.

Also, I betcha didn't know that I jumped on the Scrappy Trip bandwagon a month or two ago!  I think I'm probably the last one to do so but I'm having fun.  I've got 16 blocks so far.  My colors are kind of funky and I'm trying to decide if they are kind of Anthropology-funky or just a really big mistake :( 

The Scrappy Trip tutorial is from the blog, Quiltville 
and can be found HERE.

Yesterday I whipped up these half square triangles so I could test out a new pattern I'm working on. 

Check out my tutorial for squaring up HST's HERE.

And last but not least, I made two more Farmer's Wife blocks the other day.  I told you I would have 7 done by about this time.  But life got in the way and two is better than zero - so don't judge :)  It was a good thing I made that goal publicly otherwise I would probably be at the same place I was back HERE

Block #14 Butterfly at the Crossroads and #45 Grape Basket.
Two of my favorites.

Have a great day, enjoy the ride
and spend a little more time loving your dear ones.  
Life is fragile and can be gone before you know it.

~ Amber


  1. I'm kinda diggin' your anthropology funky fabrics!

  2. I like those scrappy blocks! Seriously, they're one my absolute favorites that I've seen floating around. :)

  3. Oh dear! Worried about what you are not saying! Hope you find your path! No problems though with your lovely sewing...beautiful as ever!

  4. It's lovely to see the things you have been working on. Life sometimes gets too much and it is best to take time out. I have the same problem at the moment. Hope everything smooths out soon for you x

  5. I always look forward to your adding to your blog. You get so much done!
    All those crayong sacks. And then the scrappy blocks!

  6. Sending good wishes your way for what ever it is you are facing. I love your comment that the blocks are either Anthropology looking or a mistake! I like them! I've been thinking of doing the Scrappy Trip thing too. I love all the ones I've seen so far. Take care.

  7. You're too funny. I laughed when I read "if they are kind of Anthropology-funky or just a really big mistake" -- I'm thinking they must be funky 'cause they certainly aren't a mistake. You're not the last one on the bandwagon either -- I have that quilt on my list too {Sigh} -- someday. There are just tooo many beautiful and fun quilts to make!

    Sounds like your life is busy and full -- as it should be. Love those adorable little red blocks!

  8. I love your scrappy trip along colors. Good luck finding the balance. I understand completely.

  9. Oh, your crayon cases are darling! You are so talented:)

  10. Your funky fabrics are retro and in. I think they look pretty cool. You may feel like the last the jump on the bandwagon, but I think I'd like to make a scrappy trip along and probably won't until the new year.

  11. Sarah,

    Thank you. And I guess a quilt like this is timeless, right? It's not too late for any of us to jump on this bandwagon - anytime! :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  12. And thanks to everyone else for your sweet comments. Glad you "get" me :)

    Happy quilting!


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