New Beginnings - A Free Quilt Pattern

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

 Hi friends!  I have a new pattern to share with you today!  
And the best part?  It's FREE!

I'm calling this pattern New Beginnings.  Would you care to know why?
I love when there's a story behind a pattern or it's name so let me tell you 
TWO reasons why I chose to call it New Beginnings.  First, because of the 
Hourglass blocks.  Every time an hourglass runs out of sand and you 
flip it over, time starts anew.  The second reason I decided to call it New Beginnings, 
is because I actually made the X blocks for a different pattern but my 
measurements were off.  They didn't match up with the alternate block 
I was going to do so I decided to scratch the whole thing and went a completely 
different direction!  So the X blocks definitely got a new beginning!

This quilt finishes at 70" x 70".

Since I had a few people on Instagram ask what this beautiful
backing fabric's  Wellington by Nancy Gere No. 34116 for Windham Fabrics.
I bought it off a friend so I have no idea if it's still available though.

New Beginnings was quilted by my friend Jen Ostler who did an awesome job.
She used the Gemma 3 panto by Karlee Porter.  I've used it a few times
before and it's a favorite for sure!

I also get lots of questions about my quilt labels.  I get mine from Ever Emblem.  
They're the 2" x 1" cotton fold-over sew-on labels.  I get the uncut ones 
(they're about $16 for 20 tags).  Click HERE to check them out.  
You can customize them to your desires.

Here are some tips for attaching those labels to a quilt:
First, sew your prepared binding to the front side of your quilt.  
Then place a folded label so that the raw edges of the label are about 1/8" into the 
seam allowance of where your finished binding will be.  Stitch it in place with a 
triple stitch to make it extra secure.  Then machine stitch your binding 
down (just over the raw edges of the label, see above photo) because 
it's really hard to hand-stitch through the label.  Then stitch the rest of your
binding down to the back side of your quilt either by hand or machine.

I hope you love this pattern as much as I do!  I'm working on my second one 
and hope to show pictures of that soon!  I think it would be cute for any 
occasion, gender and in any color scheme!  

Click HERE for the free pattern.

Please contact me at if you have any comments or questions 
about this pattern.  And please tag me on Instagram (username @gigis_thimble) 
if you make it and post about it there.  Be sure to use the
hashtags #gigisthimblepattern and #newbeginningsquilt so I don't miss it!

Thanks for stopping by today and happy quilting!