Norma Jeane Quilt (Finished)

Friday, December 28, 2012

This quilt was a gift to a family that we are REALLY good friends with.  You know, the kind of friends that are practically family?  The ones you have a million memories with.  The ones you go on trips with.  The ones you entrust your kids to (the one and only time that you need to leave them for a few nights.  I know my husband and I really need to get away more:)  
So ever since they watched our kids for us a couple of years ago, I had been telling them that I was going to make them a quilt.  So last August when we were on a trip together in St. George, UT. I took Lisa fabric/pattern shopping.  Lisa was immediately drawn to this pattern by Basic Grey (called Norma Jeane) featuring Basic Grey's new fabric line called Little Black Dress.

We bought a few cuts from that fabric line and then I filled in with a bunch of other fabrics from my stash that I had actually been collecting for their quilt (glad we were on the same page color-wise!)

Lisa really wanted black minky on the back so that's what I did!  However, since I used a really light sashing (Odds and Ends Vintage 37048 11 by Moda to be exact) and a solid cream fabric for the border the black showed through a little bit.  But I think it looks o.k.! 

I added an extra row of pinwheels onto the side and bottom of the quilt so it ended up being a nice throw size.  I think it measured about 56" x 72".  There were forty-eight 6" pinwheels.  192 half-square triangles.  I trimmed and squared up each one so it'd be extra purdy :)  

We were able to deliver this quilt to our friends last Saturday during our annual night of pizza, bowling and dessert with the kiddos.  (FYI - the restaurant we went to is called The Rusted Sun and it's definitely a favorite, yet very small pizza joint that I highly recommend - yum yum!)  Our friends seemed sincerely excited and so appreciative about the quilt.  And I enjoyed every minute of working on it and LOVED giving it to such wonderful friends!

Flower Girl Baby Quilt {Finished}

Friday, December 21, 2012

My friend just had a baby (number 6 to be exact!)
The little 6 pound 8 ounce bundle of joy is so darling! 
With a full head of dark brown hair and a cute little button nose!

I decided my friend deserved a special treat with this one so I decided to make her a small version of Camille Roskelley's Flower Girl quilt.  
I finally finished the last few stitches of binding today and thought I'd take a few pictures before I deliver it.

The large blocks finish somewhere around 16" each.

The fabrics I used are some I've been hoarding for a while.
I think most of them are from  The pink polka dot and gingham binding are from the line Sweet Shoppe (Calico Candies) by Michele D'Amore for

Linda Childs in Highland, UT. quilted a pretty little floral/swirly design 
on it for me (and did a great job!)

This was a fun pattern to make and the four blocks ended up being the perfect size for a baby quilt.  This little number is in the wash right now - getting all soft and snugly for baby number 6.  I can't wait to deliver it so I can see her again!

Commitment Issues

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I really can't decide.

I bought these paper pieces back in May because I was so inspired by THIS.  

But I'm having some serious commitment issues.  
I can't seem to get past these three little stars.

 This is probably going to be one of those 10 year projects and I just don't want to regret anything half-way through, ya know?

Do I go with civil war?  That's pretty classic... (me thinking out loud).  
I do like civil war quilts when I see them.  
But part of me wants something a little fresher.

I've been leaning towards a two color quilt.  
Like yellow, blue or grey with a white or linen filler.  
No, never mind.  Not grey.  Too gloomy.
Yellow.  Or Navy.  Or aqua. 
But then, that might be torture to work on (if it's only two fabrics).
But still ~ classic.  And really striking.

Or maybe I should do bright and funky...

I just don't know, people!!!

I need to find something that's perfectly me.  
That I'm absolutely in love with.

Maybe something more like THIS...  
It's really quite lovely.  And happy.  And that's what I like. 
 And, actually it kinda inspires me and makes me excited again!

So stay tuned...
Maybe someday I'll make up my mind.
I just kinda had to work that through.

Do YOU ever have commitment issues when it comes to projects? 
~ Amber

Bon Bons

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

 I made these the other night for my recipe group.  
I'd forgotten how good they are...

 They're really easy.  Just a little time consuming.  
I've been snacking on them for days (not good).  
I suggest quickly giving them away to friends and neighbors!

So here's the recipe ~

Mix together:
2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1 cup butter, softened
3 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 cup creamy peanut butter
1 cup finely chopped walnuts
1 cup grated coconut
1 teaspoon vanilla 

Form 1" balls and dip into:
1 pound of milk chocolate pieces for fondue and candy making
(start with a half pound and melt more as needed)

They will be ready to serve in a matter of minutes!
I ended up refrigerating my leftover Bon Bons which
caused the chocolate to harden (which added a nice texture).  

This recipe makes approximately 45 Bon Bons.

These are a nice do-ahead treat.
Perfect for holiday gift giving!

Around The Block Sampler {Finished}

Monday, December 10, 2012

 Oh my gosh.  It has been forever!  Happy Monday everyone!  

I have missed you guys and have been thinking about you!  
I have been a busy little girl, doing a little of this and a little of that.
I'm hoping to be able to share some of the fun things with you over the next week or so.  If you haven't forgotten about me??? :)

Today, I thought I would share with you my newest finish.  This actually has been quilted for quite some time.  It took me FOREVER to bind it though (as it was my first time doing a scalloped binding and I was trying out a new stitch I learned that took me some time to get down).  Then, she sat in my quilt cabinet for a week or so, wondering when I was going to find her a good home and take some pictures of her!

 Even this, may be a temporary home, because my sewing room is under a little bit of "construction" (or maybe "rearranging" is a better word...) but I know she will definitely be on full display in there because the colors are perfect!

There is more information about the beginnings of this quilt HERE
It's fun to look back and see how the quilt has evolved...

I decided to use a solid white for the outer border because I knew I was going to get some fancy custom quilting in there and yet I still wanted to leave the emphasis on the blocks themselves.

 I used the same solid white on the back, as well.  My quilter said she hates solid white backs because you can see everything but I think it turned out great!  Wren Woodland in Highland, UT. quilted it for me.  She is a custom, free-hand quilter that I reserve for my most special quilts!  She does a fabulous job, always.

All of the blocks in this quilt, came from the book, Around the Block with Judy Hopkins.  It's a great book with tons of block patterns each in several different sizes.  My blocks all finished at 10".   

My little quilt group picked out these blocks together and then each of us made our own quilts in our own color schemes with our own settings.  Each quilt is so different and lovely (maybe someday I can show you pictures of all of them together!)  We started them a long time ago and I think I'm one of the last to get hers done.  I'm happy with the end result though and enjoyed the process of making this sampler style quilt.