Monday, December 24, 2018

Hey friends, it's time to conclude the Star Patch Quilt Along.  I had so much fun quilting along with all of you!  Thank you for your support of the QAL, as well as, my Star Patch pattern!  I have really enjoyed seeing all of the different colorways and connecting with so many of you through the process.  Also, a huge thank you to the wonderful, generous sponsors:

Now, it's time to announce the winner of the grand prize!  Julie Paff (@julzjunk on Instagram) has so generously offered to donate long arm quilting for one winner's Star Patch Quilt (edge-to-edge quilting, medium density).  The winner who we have chosen is Cassie (@cassarollquilts on Instagram).  Congratulations Cassie!  I am so happy for you!

As for my quilt, it's quilted and the binding is sewn onto the front side.  As I take this next week or so to spend time with my family (and rest!) I plan to hand stitch the binding to the backside.  I will be back soon to share some pictures!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season spent with loved ones, making memories and enjoying traditions.  Please know you are special and loved.  I wish you all the happiness in the world!  Merry Christmas!

Star Patch Quilt Along: Week 8

Monday, December 17, 2018

Can you believe it's the very last week of the Star Patch Quilt Along?  It has been a fun 8 weeks.  A big thanks to everyone that participated, those that donated some seriously generous prizes and those of you that left feedback on last weeks' post.  I am glad you guys felt it was a very doable quilt along.  It was so much fun for me to A.) remake Star Patch and B.) see all of your variations!  This quilt is great in any color scheme don't you think!?!?

This weeks assignment is to piece the back and start quilting it (or send it off to your quilter).

If you're interested in making the pieced 9-Patch backing then keep reading because I've got a tutorial for you!  Otherwise, skip to the end of this post and follow the instructions in the pattern to finish your quilt.

In weeks 2-5 you made 9-Patches (8 of which were for the back).  Today I will show you how to put those to good use.  On my original Star Patch Quilt, I added them to a plain white backing to really kick things up a notch.  I loved how it turned out.  Will you be doing a 9-Patch stip on your back?

Fabric Requirements for 9-Patch strip:
(8) 5" unfinished 9-Patch Blocks
(1) 8" x 40" strip of fabric for side and corner setting triangles
(1) 8" x 20" strip of fabric for ends of the 9-Patch strip

Note: If you didn't buy extra backing fabric to make the pieced 9-Patch strip you can use a different fabric from your stash or you can cut an 8" x 67-1/2" strip from one of the two backing pieces you are instructed to cut on page 6 of the Star Patch pattern (under FINISHING: Preparing the Back).  I bought extra fabric so I just cut (2) 8" x width of fabric strips for this part.

From the side and corner setting triangle fabric, cut:
     (4) squares, 7 5/8" x 7 5/8", cut on the diagonal twice to yield a total of 16 triangles (2 are extra). 
     (2) squares, 4 1/8" x 4 1/8", cut on the diagonal once to yield a total of 4 triangles.
          (Set aside the 4 corner setting triangles.  You will use those later.)

1. Lay out the eight 9-Patch blocks on pointe.  Put two side setting triangles between each block (as shown below). 

2. Sew the short edge of two triangles onto opposite sides of a 9-Patch block paying special attention to the orientation of the triangles.  

3. Press the seam allowances toward the triangles and trim off the dog ears.

4. Sew the rows together and press the seam allowances open.

5. With right sides together, center the long side of a corner setting triangle on the end of the strip over one side a 9-Patch block.  Stitch in place.  Press the seam allowance toward the triangle.  Repeat on the 3 other corners of the 9-Patch strip.

6. Square up the strip leaving 1/4" seam allowances beyond the outside points of the blocks.   The strip should measure approximately 6 3/4" x 51 1/2".  Measure the width of your strip and cut 2 rectangles that width x 8 3/4" in length.  For example, my strip measured 6 3/4" wide so I cut 2 rectangles that measured 6 3/4" x 8 3/4".

7.  Sew the rectangles onto opposite ends of the 9-Patch strip (right sides together) and press the seam allowances toward the rectangles.

8. Sew the long edges of your backing fabric pieces onto either side of the 9-Patch Strip.

That's it!  You are ready to start quilting it!  Be sure to tell your quilter that you have the pieced strip on your quilt back and ask him or her to center it as best they can on your quilt.

Two other quick things - 

First, congrats to the winner of last weeks' giveaway: Giuliana (@quiltedhorse.22 on Instagram).  

She won a fat quarter bundle from Simply Love Fabrics (@simplylovefabrics on Instagram)!  A HUGE thank you to Jessica and Donna from Simply Love Fabrics for the fabulous prize!  Who doesn't love fat quarters!?!  Their shop is so cute!  Be sure to check it out on Etsy.

Second, this weeks' giveaway is for the Star Patch Quilt Along GRAND PRIZE - long arm quilting on one of YOUR Star Patch quilts (edge-to-edge, medium density)!!! This prize has so generously been donated by Julie Paff of Julz Junk Quilting (@julzjunk on Instagram).   

To enter the giveaway, just post a picture of your Star Patch quilt top, batting and backing stacked up and ready for quilting!  Or, if you did the 9-Patch strip on the back then show me that!  A photo of either one of those will do.  Just post it on Instagram by noon MST Sunday, December 23rd.  Be sure to use the hashtag, #starpatchqal.  I will pick a winner from the #starpatchqal hashtag pool that night and announce it on Instagram and my blog on December 24th...Christmas Eve!  So exciting!!!  

Have a great week friends!

Star Patch Quilt Along: Week 7

Monday, December 10, 2018

Welcome to week 7 of the Star Patch Quilt Along! This is just about it, friends!  You are so close!!! By the end of this week, you will have a finished quilt top, next week you piece the back and then you're done!!!  

Your assignment this week: construct the quilt top.  I had so much fun constructing mine this past weekend!  It doesn't take too long.  I think you'll enjoy it!

To enter the giveaway this week, post a picture on Instagram of your completed quilt top by noon MST on Sunday, December 16th.  Your account must be public.  Be sure to use the hashtag #starpatchqal.  I will choose a winner from the hashtag pool and announce the winner on Instagram and my blog on Monday the 17th.  You can be in the photo or not - it's up to you!  The winner will receive a fat quarter bundle from Simply Love Fabrics.  Thank you to Simply Love Fabrics for their generosity!!!  Be sure to check out their Etsy shop, they have tons of really cute fabric!

Congratulations to Jerusha Beckstead (@jjbeckstead on IG) for winning last week's prize, 
a 6-pack of patterns from me!

One last thing as we wind down on the Star Patch Quilt Along, I am wondering if you wouldn't mind leaving a comment below telling me how you feel the Quilt Along has gone?  I've never hosted one of these before and would love to hear your comments and suggestions so I can keep them in mind for future Quilt Alongs!  It's been fun for me and I hope you have had a great experience as well!

I can't wait to see your quilt tops!!!   Happy quilting!

Star Patch Quilt Along: Week 6

Monday, December 3, 2018

Happy Monday friends!  Welcome to week 6 of the Star Patch Quilt Along!  

With all of your 9-Patches done it's time to move on to the Star.
This week you need to make the Checkerboard block and the 4 Flying-
Geese blocks.  This assignment may take a little more time than the last 4 weeks' assignments 
but it is so fun to see the star come together!

I want to congratulate Jody Watkins for winning the giveaway for week 5.  
She won a notions goodie bag and 10" stacker from Riley Blake Designs!

For this weeks' giveaway, post a photo of your 4 Flying-Geese blocks shaped like a Christmas Tree!  Like this:

Post your photo on Instagram by noon MST on Sunday 12/9/18.  Be sure to use the hashtag #starpatchqal.  Your account must be public.  I will pick a winner from the hashtag pool on Sunday night and the winner will win a set of 6 patterns from me!  

Also, I want to refer you to week 3 if you're confused about the number of 9-Patches we made. Eight 9-Patches are for the pieced quilt back and the cutting instructions were listed in the week 3 blog post.  I will post a tutorial for the quilt back during week 8.

That's it for now friends.
Happy quilting!