Tuesday Tips {Between The Lines}

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello!  Hello!  Welcome to another installment of
Tuesday Tips
{for your creative space!}

I'm excited today because I have my dear sister {Cassie} here to share some organizational tips from her creative space!  She is a writer, a crafter, the most beautiful bookmark you've ever seen maker, an amazing mommy, a fabulous wife, a vintage finds huntress, a baker, a photographer and an all around amazing little sister.  She shares these talents (and others) on her blog,
A Serenade for Solitude.

Cassie also owns one crafty Etsy shop called, Between the Lines
where she sells all things that have to do with books and their lovers (bookmarks and home decor and such). 
Check out what makes this creative girl tick...

♥ ♥ ♥ 

It is so fun to be part of this series and share with you my creative space tips! 
What came to mind when Amber asked me to do a post for her series of Tuesday's Tips, and what I feel is key in one's creative space is:

There are a whole ton of things that inspire me--pictures, words, color and a sprinkling of rustic and vintage are a handful of things that make my heart happy, so I've done my best to incorporate aspects of these things into my studio space.

Inspirational words keep my purpose in mind.
I also have one of my favorite books by Sabrina Ward Harrison on display, that to me is the epitome of creativity in both writing and art.
I find it especially fun to decorate with items from my shop!
Pennant banners, chalkboards and chalk board erasers are
here on this armoire.

I also have an inspiration board to gather bits of inspiration for future projects
or to display pretty pictures.  You can see it below.  It still needs lots of love.

My husband helped me make this stand for my most recent craft show.
The antlers and whitewashed wood is just my style, and it is so fun
having pretty creations on display.  I'm a firm believer in enjoying what you create!  Do you display what you love in your space?

I think it should be functional and display pretty, too.
I love to thrift. 
Using old trunks and vintage tool and tackle boxes is one of my favorite ways to store and display items craft items.

This rustic and industrial drawer system is one of my favorite thrift finds!
It has since been turned into my sewing caddy.

This rusty old toolbox is where I keep some of my order supplies.
One of my greatest investments as someone who works with beads and charms was this:

A sectioned tray to store my charms, pendants and beads.  Again, having it stored pretty makes such a difference when I'm trying to get inspired. 
However, once I get going, my table goes from tidy to this:

Thankfully, the mess is still beautiful. These vintage trays help me keep organized and focused on projects as well:

Since one of the main mediums I use in my work is ribbon, I have a slight obsession with ribbon shopping, and have come to love growing my collection.

Lastly, I definitely have a notepad nearby, always.
You never know when inspiration is going to meet you.

What inspires you and have you incorporated it into your space?

♥ ♥ ♥
You can visit Cassie
on her blog HERE
or check out her shop
I hope you enjoyed Cassie's rendition of Tuesday Tips! 
Can't you relate (as quilters) to so much of what she said? 
Feel free to leave a comment below. 
We'd love to hear about what inspires you!


  1. A wonderful post Cassie! I love all of your little organizers - especially the industrial drawers!

  2. Wow, you guys are some talented sisters! Her craft room is pure eye candy :-) I am really enjoying seeing all of these creative spaces. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Great post...now I have another blog to add to my reader, too!

  4. Such a lovely post! I have just repainted my studio and this have given me ideas! Thanks!

  5. Nice to see you here ....love from me...xxx...

  6. Gorgeous space Cassie! Can you come help me with my craft corner?! :)

  7. Thanks, ladies! I agree, it is fun seeing all the craft spaces that Amber has lined up!
    Britt- wish we were closer! I'd like to have some of your decorating help!

    Thanks again for having me, Amber!

  8. Oh my word! I love love love all the antique storage solutions! Very cool.

  9. Where did you get your cork board for the ribbons? I LOVE it! Loved your post too!

  10. hi Amber just wondering if you could let me know where i could get a sectioned tray like yours? thankyou, great post & great ideas btw :)

  11. Hi Christine--I got the cork board from my mother in law. But any frame would do if you picked up some cork and inserted behind the frame where the glass would go. Or you could just buy one already made. :)

    Rock Steady--I got the sectioned supply tray at Michaels. If I remember correctly, it is a Martha Stewart product, but I'm not 100%. I definitely purchased it out of the scrapbook/paper craft section.


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