Willow QAL: Week 7

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Welcome to week 7 (the final week) of the Willow Quilt-Along!  Jessica and I are 
so glad you joined us for this quilt-along!  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did 
and we hope you learned some new skills along the way!

The get-to-know-you question for this week is:
"What is your 'death row meal'?"
Gosh, who came up with these questions!?!  (Haha, whoops, I did!)
This is a hard one.  All I know is it would involve lots of carbs and lots of sweets.  
In fact, maybe it would just be a plate full of desserts!   Yes, that sounds about right.
And if you want me to get specific a box of vanilla cream doughnuts from 
5 Daughters Bakery in Nashville, TN would work just fine.
So what is YOUR "death row meal"?  Answer in the comment section below.

So the assignment for this week is to assemble the quilt top.
I had so much fun assembling mine and seeing it all come together.

I dropped it off at my quilter's house about a week ago.
I can't wait to see what she does with it!  I'll be back soon with pictures!

Be sure to visit Jessica's blog HERE if you need the instructions for assembling the top
and to find out what her "death row meal" is.  We've loved seeing your progress on Instagram.
Keep tagging us - @jessicadayon and @gigis_thimble and using the hashtag #willowqal
so we don't miss a thing!  We can't wait to see your finished Willow quilts!

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Happy quilting!