Friday, March 21, 2014

Pineapple Quilt Progress & Patterns

 Now that I'm done with my Farmer's Wife quilt for a while, 
I figured it was okay to pick up another crazy, intense, long-term project.  Well, at least for me it is :)

I started these blocks at the beginning of February when I attended Quilt Bliss (a quilting retreat in Heber, UT.).  These paper-pieced Pineapple blocks are really fun to make and kinda make my heart sing!

  My green stash has needed a little "refreshing" lately so I picked up a bunch of 2" strips the other day while I was at work.  One of the benefits of working at a quilt shop, I guess! 

I like to pre-cut lots of strips so I can just grab one and sew.  
It makes my piecing go much faster and
I keep them in one of my big scrap jars for easy access!

Once I got into my groove, I figured it took me about an hour and a half to make one block.  I'm hoping I can do at least one block a week until I'm done.

 I've got 10 so far and am planning on doing a total of 24.

If you're not following me on Instagram (username: gigisthimble), you may not know that I've started selling sets of these patterns all ready to go for those of you that want to quilt along with me.  Since they're over-sized (each block finishes at 12 3/8") I had to get them specially printed at a local print shop.  I'm selling sets of 36 patterns (+ 1 master copy) for $20.50 plus shipping.  Stop by my Etsy shop if you're interested.  I'd love some company on this long (but fun) journey ahead!

Happy quilting!
~ Amber