If you come to my house

Sunday, September 27, 2009

you are sure to find at least a couple of areas that look like this:

(floor of our office/bedroom)

and this:

(family room)
(Oh, and you don't even want to walk into my laundry/sewing room!)

I've always got at least a few projects going on. Today it was snowballs. I've been working on this Christmas quilt using up scraps. Here's what I've got so far:

I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but I do always enjoy a good stash busting party.

To me, sites such as the one above are lovely. To my family - well, they are use to it. Now, when it comes to piles of shoes, clothes or toys - I can't stand for them to be laying around and cluttering the house. As for me and my projects, that is a different story.

A bad mom moment. I mean REALLY bad.

Friday, September 25, 2009

It was a sad day. Well, it didn't start out that way, but as I strolled into work at 1 o'clock my co-worker informed me that my daughters' teacher called there looking for me because there was no school today AND I HAD DROPPED MY DAUGHTER OFF THERE AN HOUR EARLIER!!! Oh my gosh. Pure panic swept over me. I immediately got a hold of the teacher and she told me what happened. So. I dropped Missy off at school which is in the basement of the teachers house. Missy had gone down to the basement and realized that the lights were off so she went back outside and just stood on the front lawn and cried. She was standing there sobbing when a neighbor lady found her and took her to the teachers' front door, rang the doorbell and found the teacher (who had not been feeling well and was laying down and did not hear little Missy come into her house. Don't know if this would have mattered, but she normally takes down the school flag outside her house when there is no school, but since she went back to bed she forgot.) The reason there was no school was because we had a field trip the day before which was Missy's off day of school (but I just assumed that didn't interrupt the flow of school. I was wrong.) So the teacher tried to call me. No answer. Tried to call the house but the hubby didn't answer. For some reason, I hadn't listed his cell number on the registration form either! So she gets a hold of Grandma, who in turn gives her the hubby's cell number. Finally, he returns her calls and picks up Missy about 45 minutes after the fact. Oh. The thought of my poor little baby standing there on the lawn wondering if she is ever going to see her family again ;) just breaks my heart. I can totally relate to how she must have felt - but that is another post :) Apparently she was so sad though and I was not around to console her. I had to bring her some of her favorite doughnuts home to make it up to her. But, you know - kids (?) they forgive so quickly. When I talked to her right after I found out about everything she sounded kind of shaken up, but was still so sweet and saying I love you. I felt awful of course. Just the thoughts of what could have happened. Thankfully it was a nice lady that found her and not some pervert. Anyways, I wanted to do lots of snugs and loves with her tonight, but for some reason she wasn't feeling well. She declined the doughnuts (which I knew was a serious sign) and threw up a little while after I got home. She was as happy as can be, but just wasn't feeling good. She later told me that she thought her tummy hurt possibly because she had cried so much earlier...so sad...

I wasn't planning on sharing that story, but I needed a little break from my sewing machine and thought that might make some of you feel better if you've ever forgotten or left your child before. Or maybe I'm the only one whose pulled a stunt like that!?! I don't know. But anyways after getting the kiddo's off to bed tonight I had some "Amber time." RJ is on a camp out. So I was able to indulge in some of this:

Some of you may recognize this as some of Fig Tree's old and new lines of fabric. I'm working on a little sample for the store consisting of 16 of these blocks:

The pattern is called Front Porch Blooms and can be found in Joanna's new book called Fresh Vintage Sewing (a wonderful book full of all things sewn; quilts, aprons, fruity pincushions - 25 projects to be exact and all are truly "figgy". Gotta love her style.)

Hillside Green

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Almost two weeks ago, I referred to this little family below as "charming." I got quite the earful from my hubby's facebook friends about this as he wondered out loud how much this "charm" was going to cost him. If I remember correctly, someone said "Run Forrest! Run!" That one actually made me laugh, but what do YOU think? Can you see it?

Well, I saw it. And, I'm not normally one who can envision these kinds of things, but I see them (finished) in other peoples houses and I love them! So, with the go-ahead from the hubby, a can of paint and one very sore back later, I have THIS:


I finished up this BIG project on Monday. Yesterday, the hubby and I moved the table in from the garage and got everything in place (I am sore today. How sad is that!?!). For $50 bucks plus another $50 in supplies {probably wouldn't have been so much if I wouldn't have spent $20 buying green paint "samples"} I got a brand new kitchen table and 4 chairs! I finally took the plunge with this color:


Then we moved the other table into the dining room, so after about 5 years that room has furniture. Yay! The new table pictured above is minus one other leaf that it came with. I think that is a pretty good deal for the money. Now we can seat at least 6 more people during big family get-togethers.
So, do you think it's a good sign when your husband says, "I wonder how much you could sell if for now?" Such a guys mentality. But. I took it as a compliment...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm not normally one to get an autograph, but I couldn't help myself.

My cute sister-n-law, Brittany and I went to a couple fabric stores on Saturday looking for some material to make some fall pillowcase covers. We went to Broadbents and Material Girls, since I hadn't been to either in a long time. I was also looking for some of Heather Bailey's Pop Garden Rose Bouquet fabric. All we had at JUST SEW was this colorway:

But I really wanted this colorway:
(This was something I knew I shouldn't spend the money on, but since I am an admitted addict and I just won this book from Anka's Treasures, I knew I better get some before it was all gone. )

I just love the cover quilt, so I had to get me some of that center fabric. Anyways, long story short (everything is a long story with me...) I found the bolt I wanted at Material Girls and was walking around the store, minding my own business and suddenly Brittany tells me that Heather Bailey is "Here. Today." We waited patiently in line and then spent a few minutes talking with her, seeing her sketch book and checking out her upcoming fabric line (which she had pictures of on her laptop.) I had her sign my fabric which I will eventually be making a little tag out of and stitching to the back of my finished quilt - someday. Memories. Anyways. Very random. And very exciting. After a little Cafe Rio for lunch, we went back to get a picture of us with Heather via Brittany's phone, but unfortunately she had left. Heather was really friendly and down to earth. She is amazingly talented and no wonder she was here in Utah speaking at the Startup Princess convention as the Keynote Speaker. Lucky us that we ran into her that day. The very day I wanted to get me some Rose Bouquet...

Oh, I haven't been posting much the last few days because I've been working on something involving this (and $50 dollars).

I can't wait to show you! Let's just say I've been waiting almost 6 years for one of these...:)
And, you fellow blogger-slash-refinishers of wood have inspired me!

A BIG thank you!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Look what I won from Heather Mulder over at Anka's Treasures. I know. I can't believe it! I won the grand prize for her first blogiversary giveaway. She is so generous to give away this quilt that she designed and pieced. Isn't it beautiful!?!

So, as you can imagine, I am also completely thrilled about these two books that she sent along too. I can't wait to get started on making a few of her quilt designs. Both books have a lot of patterns that I would LOVE to make, but if I could only pick a few (time and money - there's usually never enough of either) then I would start with Center of Attention, Buttercup, Baby Bloomer and Secret Garden. I guess I'm in an appliqued-flower-kind-of-mood. But there really are many more from both of these books that I would love to make. You guys should check them out! Great work, Heather!

(Click here to see photographs from Stop, Drop & Roll and here to see photographs from Sizzlin' Sixties.)

Thanks so much Heather! It's an honor to have one of your quilts! And don't worry - it will be well cared for. It's already found a nice home...Thanks again.

Heart Blocks #3 & #4 (plus a little sneak peak)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I would like you to meet blocks Three & Four:

I am loving this Heart to Heart pattern I'm working on right now! It's just so fun playing with a new design and fabrics on each block!

I'm also in a very good mood because this baby is done (pattern and all)!

The pattern is being edited and we've got a little photo shoot tomorrow! After that it's printing time and then off to the quilt shops I go! My goal is to start selling my first three patterns by the end of September. I've got a couple more pattern ideas up my sleeve, but I guess I should see how all of this goes before I get in too deep. I've never done this before and don't really have anyone showing me the ropes. It's just a little fantasy of mine and I'm having so much fun creating, writing, etc. It's been a fun process thus far.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Leave me a comment (under this post or HERE) by midnight tonight to enter to win some fabric!

The rules are:
*Leave one comment with a link to your posted pictures for each quilt label you've made.
*Labels had to be made sometime between August 6th, 2009 and today.

I'll pick the winner tomorrow. Good luck!

Simple Gifts Quilt

Thursday, September 3, 2009

This quilt is a few years old but is one of my favorites. I think I like it because it has such a different feel than any other quilt I've made. I made it for my parents as a Christmas gift in 2006. They had just built a European style home, so I tried to create a quilt that would look good in it. I didn't want to go too country or too mod with the fabrics. I think this one suits them quite well. I know they keep it on the back of their couch in their family room and snuggle up in it often (I LOVE that. I strongly believe quilts should be out, loved and gently used instead of hiding in a closet somewhere.) The pattern is called Simple Gifts from the book, Blended Quilts by From in the Beginning. I love that book. Lucky for me, my parents moved to Utah recently, so I am able to see them more often and was able to snatch a couple pictures of this quilt the other day.

Thankfully I've got a label on it, so I can remember the year I made it. I lose track after awhile!

Little Missy

This little girl asked her brother the other day, "B, do I look cute today? ...Stylish? ...Functional?" (And if you know her, you'll know there was a little shake of the hips and some hand motions involved when she asked it. Yeah. She's only FOUR.) B and I had some good laughs over that one. It was just so funny the way she said it. She definitely keeps us laughing (or crying - it depends on the day.)

Swingin' at Nana & Papa's house.